Company History

The company DND Commerce was founded in 1992. in Belgrade, and since then successfully develop its business in the field of medical devices.

DND Commerce has been founded as a family company. DND Commerce prospered for 20 years, which has gained a status of a company with a tradition in which they are embedded knowledge, effort, labor, capital and energy, as essential preconditions for success and long duration.

Profile And Activity

Today, DND Commerce is the representative and distributor of the world leading companies in the field of sterilization, disinfection and other medical devices which are used in Hospitals.

All manufacturers, with whom DND Commerce has a long business cooperation, are the leaders of both the EU market and worldwide. The main customers, with whom we have long-standing relationships are Clinical Centers, Hospitals, Health Centers, Private Clinics ...
With its representative program, DND Commerce covers the entire territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Slovenia and Macedonia.

DND Commerce successfully cooperate with companies in neighboring countries, which are also the representatives of the program that DND Commerce represents, for the region of the former Yugoslavia:

  • MEDICA DOO, Montenegro
  • FARMAS MN, Macedonia

Storage, sale and distribution of products with clearly defined terms of purchase, and response to market demands are characteristic successful business DND Commerce. Except products, what sets us apart from others is that you get adequate knowledge for their application. Our presentation you can get to know the products and their application to obtain adequate catalogs and samples. In every moment, we are at your disposal for any questions or uncertainties. Our imperative is the customer to learn the proper use and application of the purchased product!

Quality Policy

The quality of our products is the basis for customer satisfaction, as well as the most important factor in the success of the company. Therefore, the quality of commitments and the starting point of our business policy.
Quality policy, to commit themselves and our business associates to meeting the quality requirements which are set (by the user, laws, norms ...).

The quality management system is based on the international standard ISO.
DND Commerce has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.
DND Commerce has Excellent SME certificate as proof of a successful business.
Excellent SME - Certificate issued by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, if the company meets the criteria in terms of total annual yield and credit ratings.

A rating is the result of financial due diligence. Prudential report also contains an assessment of the payment morale and risks of business with the company, showing the possible insolvency over the next 12 months.
Law on Safety and Health at Work regulate the implementation and improvement of health and safety of persons involved in the work processes, as well as persons in the working environment, in order to prevent injuries at work, occupational diseases and diseases related to work. Employees of DND Commerce to have been trained on health and safety at work.

Vision And Tendencies

Our mission is to improve the quality of life starting from the clients, medical staff, and to the end users, patients. Our main goal is to raise the entire sterilization process to a higher level in all Hospitals and Health Centers in the public and private sector, both in Serbia and the region.

The goal of our company is continuously transfer the knowledge gained in the country and abroad, in representatives houses, to employees in central sterilization, also to stay recognized by the quality of products and services, and that its production program complete the process of sterilization.

DND Commerce has the responsibility and liability to constantly monitor all innovation of programs for sterilization, which is the main activity of the company. The duty is to provide the best products, with the best competitive price. Thanks to our flexibility and to wide range of products, we are ready to respond to all requests of the end users, which make us unique and recognizable in the market.


  • Military Medical Academy (VMA)
  • Clinical Center of Serbia - Belgrade
  • Clinical Center of Vojvodina - Novi Sad
  • Clinical Center Nis
  • Clinical Center Kragujevac
  • Clinical Center Podgorica
  • General Hospital Čačak
  • General Hospital in Cuprija
  • General Hospital in Gornji Milanovac
  • General Hospital in Kraljevo
  • General Hospital Negotin
  • General Hospital in Novi Pazar
  • General Hospital in Pancevo
  • General Hospital Paracin
  • General Hospital Pozarevac
  • General Hospital in Smederevo
  • General Hospital Sremska Mitrovica
  • General Hospital Subotica
  • General Hospital Valjevo
  • General Hospital Vrbas
  • General Hospital in Zajecar
  • General Hospital in Zrenjanin
  • General Hospital Sabac
  • Cardiovascular Institute Dedinje
  • Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Sremska Kamenica
  • Institute for orthopedic - surgical diseases Banjica
  • Torlak Institute
  • Veterinary Institute Sombor
  • GAK Narodni Front
  • KBC Bezanijska Kosa
  • KBC "Dr. Dragisa Mišović Dedinje "
  • KBC Zemun
  • KBC Zvezdara
  • University Children's Hospital - Tiršova
  • Special hospital for cerebral vascular brain diseases Sveti Sava
  • Health Center Novi Beograd
  • Health Center Vozdovac
  • Colic Clinic
  • Polyclinic Dr. Draskovic
  • Polyclinic Nada Diva
  • Hemofarm
  • Galenika
  • Medigroup
  • ST Medica
  • Bel Medic
  • Vet Medic
  • Ordination Dr. Maras