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DND Commerce ltd is a company which deals with regional distribution of innovative medical equipment for different surgical procedures, medical devices, disposable materials for sterilization and infection control, hospital and professional disinfectants, and systems for disposal of infectious waste.


Through latest technology and continuous educational programs, we strive to be ONE STEP AHEAD and in that sense to raise the quality of healthcare to the next level. All products comply with the requirements of international standards and regulations and are used in over 80 counters worldwide.


Apart from the top quality products we offer, what makes us stand out from others is our constant effort invested in educating others through trainings, workshops and seminars. We always endeavor to present the advantages of our products and detailed instructions for their use through educational programs, with the aim of facilitating the workflow in all healthcare institutions. Moreover, our presentations provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the products we offer and their fields of use through the catalogs and samples we hand out. Storage, selling and distribution of products with clearly specified procurement conditions, as well as meeting the market requirements, are only a few of the successful business traits of DND Commerce. The company’s policy is to constantly strive towards improvement in all fields.

DND Commerce

DND Commerce d.o.o.

Cara Dušana 266,
11080 Zemun-Beograd
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VAT Number: 100097061