- Company history

One step ahead

DND Commerce was founded in the distant 1992. A great amount of effort, knowledge and energy has been invested over the years. Nowadays, almost 30 years later, the company is still regarded as one of the most significant businesses in the field of sterilization and innovative medical devices. Over the years, it has been trying to live up to its name and fulfill the needs of its customers. Thanks to our longstanding business tradition, constant internal and external educational programs, our efforts and work, we have acquired the status of a company which is always a step ahead of others, thus justifying the trust of all our customers. We always do our best in business, by constantly trying to present through our educational programs the advantages of our products, as well as the instructions for their use, in the best way possible.

Company history

DND Commerce d.o.o.

Cara Dušana 266,
11080 Zemun-Beograd
tel/fax: +381 (0) 11 3196 706

VAT Number: 100097061