- Our vision, mission, goals

Quality guarantee

Our mission is improvement of life quality, starting from our clients and healthcare workers to the end users – patients.


The main goal of the company is to raise the whole process of sterilization in all healthcare facilities, health centers and hospitals to the next level, both in the public and private sectors in Serbia and the region.


The fulfilment of this goal is possible only through constant transfer of knowledge acquired at conferences in the country and abroad, as well as from our associates and the staff working at central sterilization wards and other sectors related to the processes of disinfection and sterilization.



DND Commerce has a responsibility and duty to constantly be up to date with the current protocols and innovations in the field of sterilization, because implementation of the sterilization standards and protocols is the company’s principal line of work. Through flexibility and a wide range of products we offer, we are ready to meet the end users’ needs, which makes our company unique and recognizable in the market.

DND Commerce d.o.o.

Cara Dušana 266,
11080 Zemun-Beograd
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VAT Number: 100097061