Adranox and C.B.M.

C.B.M. is a company which has been supplying hospitals and clinics with sterilization machines and surgical instruments for over seventy years. Throughout the years, C.B.M. has had a history of making revolutionary products which have improved and simplified the workflow of hospitals. If we go back to the company’s beginnings, we must mention that C.B.M. was the very first Italian company to produce sterilizers and surgical instruments. In the mid-20th century, the sterilization system had not been fully developed yet, so C.B.M. introduced innovations in the form of steam and dry heat sterilizers, thus significantly enhancing the workflow of CSSDs. In addition to upgrading the functioning of CSSDs, C.B.M. has also aided development of other hospital wards by designing medical instruments. As the company continued to grow during the second half of the 20th century, through the development of their innovative products, they expanded their line of work and boosted the workflow and development of hospitals both in Italy and in the world.

Aside from the company which has been standing behind its name with their high quality products for many years now, we have been sustaining partnership with another young innovative company which opens to us new horizons on disinfection and reprocessing of instruments, a company of a unique name, also coming from Italy – Adranox.

Apart from their hand disinfection program, as well as their personal hygiene products, a part of Adranox’s pipeline are products intended for maintenance of surgical instruments, which restore their old shine. In this respect, Adranox is a perfect match with the company which has been producing high quality products for hospital wards, i.e. surgical instruments.

The ingredients Adranox uses are not aggressive and harmful neither for the user nor for the maintained devices. Their products prolong the service life of instruments, protecting and maintaining them. We are free to say that Adranox, in addition to quality, offers a long-term economical solution. Because quality is made in Italy.