Disinfection has become a word we hear everywhere. It has become our habit to disinfect everything, starting from hands.

Importance of disinfection

Disinfection is effective against bacteria that cause disease and different infections by surface cleaning with the disinfectant effective against bacteria and viruses, containing a certain level of alcohol in it. Disinfection does not affect bacteria only, but other types of microorganisms as well. The aim of disinfection is to reduce the total number of microorganisms to the level that is not harmful for human health.

Most reliable sources

The disinfectant should contain an adequate level of alcohol, because a disinfectant is good not only if it contains alcohol. What we all neglect, is how significant its effect is, i.e. it affects bacteria, most microorganisms and viruses. Surfaces to be disinfected are of various materials, and therefore it shouldn’t corrode the treated surfaces nor cause irritation and rash.

What is prolonged action?

Prolonged action means forming of an invisible protective layer after performing disinfection i.e. cleaning. The protective layer, for a certain amount of time, prevents bacteria, microorganisms and viruses from forming deposits on that surface.

Disinfectants we recommend

We recommend two agents for cleaning and disinfection with their unique composition.

Lysonox Surface – suitable for sensitive surfaces, with a long-term effect, protects the skin from irritation, and most importantly, creates a perfect balance in the composition effective against bacteria, microorganisms and viruses.

It is completely safe for everyday use.

Lysonox-Surfaces- Disinfection

On the other hand, this disinfectant is suitable for stainless steel, instruments, operating tables, sterilization departments. With its balanced composition, it is effective against all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms, does not corrode surfaces nor irritates the skin – Lysonox H2O2.


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