If we go back in time and look back at the ways of our grandmas, we may find ourselves admiring at their resourcefulness. Many of our daily household chores are even nowadays done in the old fashioned way. I learned from my grandmother that, in the past, cleaning and maintenance of a household was mainly done by using water and alcohol vinegar, with the aim to eradicate bacteria. Around that time, when my grandmother was a young woman, people in rural areas would get fresh cleaning water from wells or springs.

As she puts it: “You would take some water and pour it into a metal container, then you add a couple of drops of vinegar and you rub the surface with a sheet of newspaper until it sparkles like a glass.“ Even today, if we look up on the Internet the best cleaning methods, the most common advice on cleaning windows include use of water and newspapers. But, as the world is advancing in all segments, the formula of cleansing products has been upgraded and improved as well.

As a result, with the use of appropriate products, cloths and sponges, cleaning can nowadays even be interesting. Adranox has made a unique product of pleasant fragrance and a wide spectrum of activity. The container has been specially designed for a practical use, so nowadays we can clean both windows and their frames without needing a bucket, cold water or vinegar, and, most importantly, without putting an extra effort into cleaning. We have found the best solution. Have you?