Given that pandemic is still ongoing, and that hand washing and disinfection are most called for, it is important to be familiar with appropriate means of hand disinfection.

A high percentage of viruses and bacteria are transmitted by hand, i.e. by direct contact with others or through food and objects, so a daily hand care routine should be followed.

Certain detergents contain a high percentage of alcohol, which can cause your skin to dry out. In order to achieve both protection and proper disinfection, a two-in-one product is necessary.


Adranox has introduced the long-awaited product, tailored to the user’s needs- all of us.

This product contains 70% w / w alcohol while it nourishes and protects the skin with its composition. Its design and packaging, suitable for all settings, allows you to carry it with you. It is suitable for both surgical and hygienic hand disinfection, so it can be used immediately before surgery or wearing surgical gloves.

…..your health matters to us.