SSD is a particularly significant part of the entire hospital system.  As the emphasis is placed on  sterilization and disinfection, every instrument should undergo a professional procedure of each sterilization area, i.e. three areas (contaminated, clean and sterile). The most efficient products should be used as required by this procedure, e.g. washer disinfectors, packaging materials, sterilizers and proper chemical products.

Package according to protocol

In addition to the adequate units and materials, sterile product is to be achieved. Paper and pouches are also crucially important for avoiding incorrect folding.

The complete Amor line offers desired results.  A ground-breaking product has been created– Bop pouches and reels.

BOP Reels

BOP provides users with an effective barrier against microorganisms, thus ensuring an efficient sterilizing agent flow as well as a separation system that provides aseptic conditions upon opening. Since Amcor follows its users’ needs, it has produced a new size of pouches and reels in order to facilitate double packaging method.