Types of pain

  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain

Acute pain occurs due to injuries as well as after surgeries. Unlike chronic pain, the acute pain is sharp and constant. In this case, analgesics or antibiotics are prescribed to provide pain relief.

Modern approach to pain management

Acute pain requires a quick response. When using drugs, it takes a certain period for the drug to work, the most effective way being intravenous delivery. With proper dosing and regulated flow, the pain is eliminated faster.

Given that a lot of analysis has been performed in the world regarding whether it is more effective to use drugs or deliver anesthetics intravenously, the company Avanos has come up with a solution in the form of pumps with a controller for an easier administration of analgesics or antibiotics to the surgical site, which regulates flow and helps faster action.

Postoperative recovery

Recovery after surgery is rather painful, especially in the patient’s surgical site. One of the facilitated principles of pain regulation is a pump with a controller that enables to adjust the dosing time of the drug for an easier use. In addition to the drug flow regulation, patients can carry the pump anywhere in a bag around their waist as long as the therapy lasts.

Pump types

ON-Q® pump with Select-A-Flow® controller

Homepump Eclipse® elastomeric pump

Homepump C-Series® elastomeric pump


SilverSoaker® catheter has a silver coating on both the outside and inside and is intended for drug delivery in the surgical site. It is most recommended for gynecology, cardiology and abdominal surgery.

Pumps with controller and SilverSoaker® catheter are intended not only for adults but for children as well, because the possibility of infections is reduced.