What is the first thing you think of on the mention of the phrase „Made in Italy“? Do you think of Rome, Milan, Turin, fashion etc.?

This is indeed so. Italy has become a synonym for fashion, elegance and quality. Various high end fashion brands in the world of textile and shoes are made precisely in Italy. But when it comes to quality and the country which has established its reputation as the mother of modern fashion, the term fashion has more than just one meaning and it refers to a wide range of products. As one folk proverb states “Health is always in style“. It is precisely this nuance of the meaning of the term fashion that matters the most to us.

Thus, we will dedicate this week to introducing to you the companies which with its contribution and quality take care of your health and bring back your smile.

Steelco by Miele group – a name known to many in the world of high-quality machines and appliances. Machines designed for different hospital wards, up to date with the latest technology.

Nex – everything you need for surgical hand hygiene and maintenance of needleless connectors, coming in a practical and modern packaging.

CBM – a company which is well known in CSSDs. Their sterilization baskets facilitate the whole process, saving the steam sterilizers’ operation time and making the whole procedure more economical.

Gandus – with their immaculate sense of design and effort investment, they provide the user with the best and a much easier way of packing and preparing instruments which will be sterilized.

Printex – in order to complete all sterilization steps, each package which has been prepared for a sterilization cycle must be labeled. Thus, Printex has designed a labeling set, taking into account all the details necessary to completely trace the whole sterilization process.

Adranox – last but not least, this young company is one of the major ones in terms of product range and quality. In fact, they bring us a whole new method of disinfection by raising it to the next level with their formulas. Adranox provides us with all the necessities for maintaining our heath.

This has been only a short introduction of our dear partners which help us take care of your health by offering only the best quality. Because quality is made in Italy.