Steelco by Miele group

We are starting from northern Italy, the location of one of the most important companies in the field of medical equipment – Steelco, which, with Miele group, makes a brand partnership for the development of high-quality appliances and equipment for cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments in hospitals and medical institutions.

In addition to the highest quality materials, they also use modern technology for developing user-friendly software.

With its broad product range,  the company takes care of users needs and makes all cleaning, sterilization and disinfection processes easier. In order for each cleaning, sterilization and disinfection process to take place in accordance with the protocol, Steelco offers compact devices for every sterilization zone.

In conclusion, we can say that the company, with their broad and quality product range, offers complete solutions for hospitals and medical institutions, and therefore contributes to the preservation of our health.