Gandus company

We are walking along the path of the new era of technology which is swiftly progressing and growing. We can proudly state that one of our partner companies was founded in the distant 1885, and that it has been advancing side by side with the latest technology ever since. The company was founded in Milan as a small family business which produced paper bags for sewing needles.

They continued to operate as a family business for many years to come, perfecting their practice in the field of polyethylene pouches, as well as the devices for sealing such packaging.

With the advancement of technology in the second half of the 20th century, Gandus developed the first production of sealers for sterilization pouches. We can nowadays say that this achievement ultimately led to the design of the automatic sealing device for sterilization pouches.

But, innovation never stops, which is only expected from a company such as Gandus.

In addition to the first-rate sealers for sterilization pouches, in line with the users’ needs, they have also developed a pouch packaging station named One4all.

Gandus is another company which provides us with innovations and quality in the world of medicine.

They come straight from Milan.

Because quality is made in Italy.