Packaging paper

In order to follow the work procedure in central sterilization, as well as create pleasant, productive and efficient working environment, for years, we have provided medical staff with innovative solutions so as to improve working conditions in hospitals. The oldest packaging solution in CSSDs is paper, the technique that is still effective today. With its modern design and quality, Sterimed proved the best in meeting the needs of the end user. ( link za post o papiru )

Distinctive features

All instruments should be labelled, i.e. have their information entered after being wrapped in Sterisheet paper:

  •  Sterilization date and expiration date of the material sterility
  •  LOT
  •  Operator’s name
  •  Product’s name and type


Printex set offers a solution in terms of labelling machine and labels.

Labelling device, as its name indicates, enalbles fast and easy label use, as well as adjustments according to user’s needs.  One of the advantages is that the labels are not of universal size, but come in different dimensions, depending on the needs of end user, and can also be personalized accordingly.

The packages are marked with class 1 indicators, which makes it possible to determine whether the packages have undergone the sterilization process.

With the help of Printex set, it is easy to identify the correctness of the information about sterilization date, process, time of steirlization, etc.