Within the health system as a whole, it is essential to keep good organization, follow protocols and consider every detail and way in which the workflow can be facilitated and yet productive.

If we focus on a department which is of paramount importance for the correct functioning of each hospital – the CSSD, where instruments are sterilized after use, the whole sterilization process must be performed in accordance with the protocol. This is where Printex help us with their labelling set.

Printex was founded in Italy in 1991. Throughout their rich history, this company was mostly dedicated to the development and enhancement of labelling systems, design and building of labelling appliances, production of price tags and stapling.

Printex has made sure to not only be of use to trade businesses and craft workshops, but also to play a great role in CSSDs.

For more than 30 years of business, this company has acquired numerous partners and associates around the globe, but their main manufacturing facility is located in Rome.

We will label this company as well as Società importante. Because quality is made in Italy.