Low temperature sterilizers

The manufacturer strives to combine cost-effectiveness and efficiency for every sterilization process. Also, with the aim of following the latest technology, as well as to meet the standards, norms and expectations, Steelco offers a product that even exceeds the expectations of end users – H2O2 sterilizer.

User friendly low temperature H2O2 technology is characterized by low power and energy consumption.

The hydrogen peroxide is used in the gas plasma sterilization phase, during which it decomposes into water and oxygen without being harmful to the the environment.

Steelco low temperature sterilizers for hydrogen peroxide designed for sterilization of low temperature sensitive medical devices, packed in suitable sterile barrier systems.

Suitable for surgical instruments made of metals, non-metals, and alloys, delicate surgical instruments with lumens of up to 2200mm.

Some of the important features responding to the user needs are:

Plug & Play installation without requiring additional facilities; small dimensions as well as four locking built-in wheels; no toxic or hazardous residue either for operator or the environment; three standard, validated cycles that can be traced, whereas one of the rare characteristics is fast instruments turnaround with low running costs.