The importance of stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most convenient materials for constructing various medical devices. It stands out from other materials primarily due to the fact that traces of water are rarely visible on its surface, although in some cases its water resistance will depend on the environment.

Its resistance to corrosion and stains, low maintenance and shine make stainless steel the perfect material for various purposes. The alloy melts in rolls, plates, sheets, bars and tubing and it is subsequently suitable for use in the kitchen, for cookware, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances, industrial equipment, as well as in the automobile and aerospace industry, and as a building material for large buildings.

It is versatile and one of the most widespread materials. Thanks to its advantages, it is optimal for use in the field of medicine. In addition to preventing corrosion by using instruments made of stainless steel, it is also necessary to use techno polymers, which are resistant to physical damage and heat. The combination of these two materials produces a perfect union whose advantages make a perfect steam sterilizer.

The CBM company put to use all the advantages of the mentioned materials and designed a stem sterilizer intended for use in dental studios and laboratories. We keep up with the latest technology and high quality.