To defeat the virus

The Covid 19 pandemic has been going on for more than a year now. So many disinfectants have we tried so far… We have been searching the Internet to find out which solution is the best and to see what kind of studies have been carried out so far. And today, when we have already learned to live with the fact that almost anything can lead to the transmission of the virus, we are gradually giving up on finding efficient products. But we didn’t give up, we always search for the best only, because we need the best as much as you do. Since various studies on the time the COVID 19 virus lasts on a surface have been carried out, statistically speaking, it stays the shortest on paper and cardboard, the surfaces which we daily interact with at our workplace. The virus lives even up to 24 hours on those surfaces, whereas a bit more critical and contaminated surfaces are those such as plastic and steel, on which the virus stays up to 2 to 3 days, and on some surfaces it can survive even up to 9 to 28 days.

We cannot disregard the most important fact, which is the way the virus is transmitted. According to official research, the drops an infected person produces can stay in the air even up to several hours. Therefore, the infection spreads even faster  than we can act to prevent it. But, there is a way. In order to save our health and the health of our dearest ones, we need to adhere to the most basic rules – handwashing and disinfection.Even though the pandemic has reduced our need for a close contact, and especially handshaking or other types of greetings, to a minimum, we certainly cannot do without it. In order save a bit of intimacy and the sense  of the time when greeting was a the only way of showing respect, it is primarily necessary to properly sanitize our hands. Considering the fact that we daily interect with the mentioned surfaces, the risk of infection is increased, so, apart from the adequate and frequent hand washing, we need a proper disinfectant which is easy to carry around. So, as we have stated at the beginning, we always have the best solution for you, a solution we have personally tested and we proudly recommend to you – Lysosept hand disinfecting gel, by the Adranox company. To prevent the spreading of thevirus together and win this fight.