Unwashed hands and precaution

In contemporary times, especially nowadays when the Covid19 pandemic is still going on, the “unwashed hands disease” is the widest spread illness. The name of the disease refers to all viruses and bacteria which are easily transmitted through unwashed hands.

The means of transmission itself is imperceptible. Moreover, bacteria and viruses can be found almost anywhere. We don’t have to infected ourselves, but we can be the so-called carriers. All that is necessary for the contraction of an infection is a weakened immune system or just disease susceptibility.

One of the most important measures for the prevention of the spreading of viruses and bacteria, as well as the very contamination process, is proper hand washing several times a day.

Sometimes, we are not able to wash our hands immediately, especially after a contact with a contaminated object. The solution in situations like these is a disinfectant – Lysosept gel, which contains at least 70% of alcohol.

Of course, in case of contact with a contaminated object before the use of a disinfectant or handwashung, it is by no means advisable to touch body parts such as the nose, eyes or mouth.

As research suggest, as well epidemiologists, dry objects are safer than wet ones, whereas metal is safer than plastic or paper. Items which have been exposed to sun heat contain a smaller concentration of bacteria and viruses. Since we all care about our health, and especially about prevention of viral and bacterial infections, it is important to raise children’s awareness on this matter. The recommended product, whose formula does not produce a counter effect, is suitable for all generations. Unique in the world, developed by a company whose name means quality – Lysosept gel.