Importance of instrument care

Instruments, the main surgical ‘tool’ primarily used in hospitals, require proper cleaning, sterilization and treatment so as to avoid adverse events. Having in mind the instruments are not single-use, with adequate products and proper sterilization, they are likely to last longer.

CBM Baskets

Packing procedure

Upon washing the contaminated instruments in a washer disinfector and cooling them, as well as treating them with special care products, they are to be placed in wire baskets, lined with cellulose pads. The baskets are lined with paper in order to avoid damage to the instruments’ tips, and in that way the set of instruments is properly prepared for the further procedure of packing and sterilization.

Ideal solution

Company CBM made sure sterilization basket design comes in different sizes, to fit all instruments, and has rounded edges. Also, Easy fit instrument holder is perfect for safe handling of surgical instruments.

Always handle instruments safely with CBM.