Clean or not?

When we doubt the efficiency of sterilization and disinfection at hospitals, and when we feel as if nothing has changed in the last 15 years at least, or even 20, maybe we should try to see the bigger picture.

For almost 30 years we have been trying, for your sake precisely, to improve the system and find the best possible methods of sterilization and disinfection. And we have indeed managed to do so year in year out. Surely, that road is tough, but we have the help of our dear associates and who are the leading world manufacturers of disposable sterilization material, sterilization devices and the whole disinfection program. It is enough to only list their names: SPS Medical, Sterimed, Steelco by miele group, Gandus, CBM, Adranox. We can proudly state that hospitals which might seem unrepresentative, but even those exclusive hospitals and private practices, are equipped with the best possible material and devices which are of essential importance in the cycle of infection and disease prevention and the preservation of our health. We are there for you anytime, and we take care of your health.