Sterisheet Duo

Importance of sterilization

Sterilization is one of the most significant processes in every hospital. Sterilization process is mandatory before instruments are used. Every sterilization department consists of three areas – contaminated, clean and sterile area.

* Contaminated area – contaminated instruments to be treated in washer disinfectors are brought in

 * Clean area – instruments are packed in paper, sterilization reels and pouches,  and the instruments are placed into the sterilizer.

* Sterile area– after the sterilization cycle has been completed, sterilized instruments are arranged depending on the organization of the professional staff of the central sterilization.

Sterilization wraps

 As mentioned, sterilization paper is used in the clean area of the central sterilization department. The oldest method of sterilization is to wrap the instruments in paper. Over time, the quality, technique and method of packaging have changed. Sterimed products certainly are innovative in quality and practical design. What makes Sterisheet Duo paper’s design special is a combination of green crepe paper and SMS blue sealed at the edges. Sterimed is also known for Crepe Paper, Reinforced Paper, Non-woven Paper, Bonded, SMS Paper.

Proper wrapping technique

Education about the most correct way of folding is essential, therefore, our team made sure to prepare a video presentation.