Stubborn deposits

One of the biggest problems when it comes to cleaning is removing deposits and grease.

Whether at home, work space or a hospital, removal of stubborn stains from fat, oil, grease and other stubborn deposits requires a lot of effort and hard work.

Deposits may occur in different forms, such as burnt food scraps or stains due to improper use of certain products, etc.

Proper cleaning

Sponges, brushes, cloths, cleaning products used at home, office, hospital, etc., as well as patience, are only some of the preparation components (at least that’s how we see it). Since everything moves with the times, our grandmothers’ formulas have been replaced by simpler products. Today, special cleaning preparation is not required, because one product can cover it all, the only question is which one is efficient in every sense of the word.

Perfect solution

Just spray, wait 15 minutes for the dirt to disappear. Just spray, wait 15 minutes for the dirt to disappear. It all sounds incredible and it really is so. Following the users’ needs, the Adranox company, designed and made a product that meets all our expectations. In just a few minutes, stubborn stains decompose and are easily cleaned and therefore suitable for many surfaces such as work surfaces, kitchen equipment, furniture, tiles, sinks, etc. As for hospitals, homes, office spaces, Ultra degreaser 3 in 1 is the solution for you.