Clean floor – a matter of routine

Regular maintainance and claning is important when it comes to spreading of bacteria and viruses. In addition to maintainance of surfaces, perhaps the part where viruses accumulate the most is the floor. Floor is the most complex for spreading of bacteria that are brought in. Aggre ssive cleaning agents or pure alcohol, apart from not being recommended for such use, damage surfaces. Bacteria spread and transmit easily, whereas some could survive for several days.

In health facilities, special attention is paid to maintainance of floors. People are constantly circulating and moving, thus bringing in a lot of dirt and bacteria, which requires disinfection and cleaning to be performed many times during the day. This product does not cause alergic reaction and eliminates bacteria and viruses, while it is not harmful to the environment.  

Manual and automated cleaning of floors  

The maintenance system in hospital facilities or larger buildings is specifically defined.

Team responsible for maintainance uses manual and automated cleaning. Automated cleaning is usually used with larger surfaces and buildings by using adequate chemical products, since in combination with water vapor and proper cleaning agent it eliminates bacteria from floor surfaces.

Disinfectant effect

Disinfector should be chosen carefully- in addition to its fragrance, its effect is the key. Company Adranox made sure to provide its clients with the product both useful and nice, which in addition to its pleasant smell, Hygien F acts on all types of bacteria and viruses. It is recommended for use in both automatic and manual cleaning. It leaves no traces and does not need to be rinsed. Therefore, it does not require additional cleaning time.

3 in1product   – pleasant fragrance

                      – eliminates bacteria and viruses

                      – saves time and energy

Make sure to save time and refresh your space, hospitals or business facilities with Hygien F.