Ever since the beginning of last year, COVID-19 has continued unabated. Day after day, the number of the newly infected keeps rising. Intimacy or physical contact, such as kissing, certainly cannot be illegal and there are no hygienic regulations which would prohibit them. In fact, there was an attempt to ban handshaking back in the distant 1932. This prohibition was the most appealed for in the USA, Italy and Sweden. It was thought that the largest portion of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses was transmitted precisely through handshaking or kissing.

One acceptable way of saluting was the Nazi or Hitler salute, which was also considered to be a memory of ancient Rome. Raising an arm as a way of saluting someone was thought to be an appropriate substitute for handshaking. Historians believe that an act of greeting someone by reaching out to them with your right hand is a sign of good intentions and a custom which dates back to old times. Handshaking signified a peaceful contact and the absence of the intention to use a weapon.

We all need intimacy and some token of appreciation, and this habit will be hard to break, but, as the competent authorities plead with us, for our own safety, it is necessary to pay attention to hand hygiene and regular disinfection.

A modern approach to medicine has given us the right products to fight and prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria.

And we are constantly trying to keep pace with the contemporary methods of health protection and to provide only the best for you… We are always by your side.