Surgical suture and needle use

Suturing is necessary due to major injuries and surgeries. Suturing is sometimes necessary in dentistry as well. Doctors and health workers are at times said to be artists at what they do, as we all find it important to have a delicate mark after surgery.

Suture and needle are used when suturing.

Suture and needle

Suture is used for binding blood vessels or tissues. Depending on the need for suturing, the thread is divided into natural, synthetic and metal.

Surgical needles are divided into needle tip, the body and the needle eye. Depending on the intervention, the needles can be circular or triangular in shape.

How to avoid infections

After surgical interventions, blades should be disposed of to prevent blood-borne infections.

Right solution

Company 2001 s.r.l. has designed a puncture resistant set for surgical needles with an inner protective layer thus providing safety from injuries or infections. It is also used for disconnecting blades after suturing i.e. surgery.