With the aim of advancing and facilitating efficient work, our company DND Commerce d.o.o., in association with the company Gandus, Italy, patented a product for easier packaging process.

As its name indicates, one for all, ONE4ALL is a fully equipped station containing all neccessary devices for more efficient packaging process, while taking up minimum space. Its design enables storage of all relevant packaging materials, whereas its ergonomy provides users’safety at work.

ONE4ALL –  height-adjustable table is an ideal solution due to its construction of heat sealers for INTEGRApack pouches (SMS pouches), pouch maker V-seal from Ultra, BOP, Tyvek rolls. With its flexible system it could be placed anywhere, specifically designed for use in hospitals. Electrically height-adjustable to fit users’ height. An easy and effective cleaning and disinfection enabled by the use of aluminium and stainless steel.

Vseal.it is highly flexible and cost-effective and customizable for all reel dimensions, with the ability to be adjustred on the touch screen. In addition to the constant need for facilitating the end user’s work, Gandus company follows the latest technology and makes the use of the machine easier.

This system possesses an automatic seal temperature, force and speed control. One of the advantages of the pouch maker is that it automatically stops running in case one of the parameters exit the set range.

As a distributor, we are proud to reccomend the pouch sealer with a unique system of sealing and V seal, the system which is among the first in its category.