What are needless connectors­?

Needless connectors are known to be used in hospital settings. Connectors facilitate intravenous drug delivery, infusion or transfusion, i.e. any intravenous delivery to patients.

Connector use

So as to minimize the risk of infections, health institutions use connectors intended for patients with an intravenous terapy. After use, connector is discarded as it is single-use. Connector is used by means of cannila, namely, through connector and by using cannila patients receive medication, the necessary infusion or transfusion intravenously in a correct and safe way.

Proper care

Since the connectors are disposable, i.e. they are intended for one patient only, therefore the connector (cannula) is used until the end of the treatment and it is necessary to maintain it on a daily basis, both because of the bacteria and in order to avoid possible infections. The connector is used to dose the therapy to the patient on a daily basis.

konektor za čišćenje

Practical solution

Company  put in a lot of effort in finding the appropriate way of connector cleaning. Taking into account all the needs of medical staff as well as patients, it designed a useful product Swab2Hub – filled with soft sponge, saturated with 2 % Chlorhexidine and 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol with a broad spectrum of biocide action against bacteria, fungi, molds and mycobacteria. It’s an easy-to-use device in which the tip of the connector is placed, cleaned and disinfected in a few seconds with light left and right movements.

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