Surgical hand washing

Hand washing

Hand washing is one of the main methods for protection against bacteria and viruses. We are told to use  antibacterial water and soap.  Over the past year, we have become really good at maintaining personal hygiene, which has even become an obsessive-compulsive habit for some.

Unlike us, doctors and nurses also find surgical hand scrub important, a term they’re quite familiar with.

What is surgical hand washing?

Prior to any surgical operation, hands are surgically washed. Washing requires water and a particular soap or other formulation, such as iodine and hlorhexidine digluconate. Special brushes are used, in order to remove contaminants thoroughly. Also, a nail cleaner plays an important role in the entire procedure (places where bacteria is likely to settle most easily).

3 in 1 solution

For a faster and more effective procedure, company Nex offers 3 in 1 product. Surgical sponges consist of a brush for a more thorough cleaning. Sponges are already impregnated with iodine and hlorhexidine – digluconate and come with a nail cleaner.

Types of sponges

NEX D1 Dry – a dry surgical brush-sponge is compatible with all detergents and antiseptics.

Nex IODIO P2 surgical sponge/brush stands out with its advanced formula that contains moisturizers and skin protecting agents, single-use sponge/brush that contains povidone-iodine.

Nex Clorex C2 – single-use sponge/brush contains 20ml antimicrobial formulation hlorhexidine-digluconate.

Importance of use

Since dirty hands are the main carrier of bacteria, reusable surgical brushes and hand scrub with antimicrobial cleaner only are not an effective solution. Sponges such as Nex Clorex C2, Nex IODIO P2 and Nex Clorex C2 are an ideal solution producing the best results in hand washing.