Instrument washers in CSSDs are essential for removal of soil from contaminated instruments. The sterilization process starts in the contaminated zone, which is, as its name suggests, an area for used instruments. Since it is not possible to remove all residues from used instruments by only washing them under jets of water, the instruments must undergo a washing treatment at the temperature of 93 °C. In addition to removing residues, this process is also important for eradicating bacteria. The properties that make Steelco washers unique are energy efficiency and reduced treatment time. Aside from the pre-washing and washing phases, another important process in the process of sterilization of instruments is the drying phase. Steelco has designed an efficient hot air drying system which provides complete removal of residue water.

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After a completed treatment cycle, the instruments are ready to be packed. The process of packaging is performed in the clean, packaging, zone of the CSSD. Steelco’s washers are designed to be used in both the contaminated and the clean zone since they have a pass-through door, which enables that the whole procedure is performed in accordance with the protocol. To save energy, the treatment time, as well as your time, we highly recommend Steelco washer disinfectors.