Surgical procedures

Surgery or surgical procedure is carried out by a surgeon. Depending on the injury or wound, procedures could be less or more difficult. Different body parts require different types of surgeries, some of which are considered interventions and some more complex ones.

 However, in each case an adequate preparation is the key. 

Infection prevention

Prior to every operation, it is necessary to wash the operative field and prepare it with a special procedure, i.e. to provide and isolate it from possible side effects in the form of infections. Each operative field requires disinfection to reduce the possibility of infection. The entire procedure of operative preparation, along with the preparation of the operative field, is important.

In addition to surgical hand washing, it is essential that the sterilization process of the instruments used during the whole procedure is done correctly.

Effective solution

When preparing the operative field, it is important to avoid additional infections and prevent bacteria; therefore, the most reliable disinfectants are used for the surgical site, i.e. where the incision is being made.

Sometimes, innovative solutions are better than the old methods. Company Avanos has devoted a lot of time and effort in designing the product that proved to be the most efficient in surgical infection prevention by completely isolating the operative field and preventing the penetration of bacteria and viruses into the wound itself, i.e. incision – Integuseal.

Postoperative effects

After the operation or surgery, the operative field is still secured with a thin layer if microbial sealant, which wears away gradually. Given that it is waterproof, it cannot be removed by itself, and thus additionally secures and protects the wound after the operation.

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