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Ultra rolne za sterilizaciju

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Ultra rolne

Kada zađemo u bolnička odeljenja za koja ili nismo čuli ili mislimo da nam nisu ni potrebna.

To su obično najvažnija odeljenja bolnice, karika bez koje ništa ne bi moglo da funkcioniše.

Godinama u nazad trudimo se da baš tim odeljenjima obezbedimo adekvatan materijal koji pored toga što olakšava rad osoblja, pruža i efektnije rezultate.

Jedan od naših najistaknutijih proizvoda na koji smo posebno ponosni, jeste revolucionaran proizvod kompanije Amcor Ultra rolne za sterilizaciju.

Ponosno već godinama i sa očekivanim rezultatima podržavamo kompaniju Amcor u budućim inovativnim rešenjima.

Za korak ispred sterilizacije…

Ultra pouches and reels

We sometimes step into the hospital departments we either didn’t hear of or think unnecessary.

These are usually the most important departments of the hospital without which nothing could function.

We have been trying to provide these departments with adequate material for years, which in addition to facilitating staff’s work, also provides more effective results.

One of our most remarkable products we are particularly proud of,  is the innovative product by AmcorUltra sterilization reels.

Ultra’s structure and design is suited to central sterilization needs and it comes in several dimensions so as to make the work even easier.

Even the smallest end user needs are thought of by Amcor and therefore Ultra pouches and reels are suitable not only for hospitals but also for dental surgeries, plastic surgery clinics, and many other institutions where sterilization is considered to be a priority.  

We have proudly supported Amcor company in its future innovative solutions for many years now.

One step ahead of sterilization….